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Limestone in the Käsivarsi area
As part of our exploration trip to the Njiellalanjávri area, we scouted all signs of limestone around lakes Njiellalanjávri, Toskaljärvi, Veajetjávrrit, and Láfoljávri lakes, and the mountains in between. In some cases limestone was easy to identify, known to be limestone, in other cases it was not so easy to identify by non-experts. But we think we made a reasonable analysis, and found quite many places where there is at least potential limestone. There's plenty of loose rock pieces that are clearly limestone, but the more interesting target for us were ground rock layers. Or larger collections of potential limestone rock pieces that might indicate a ground rock layer would be somewhere nearby.
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August 2023, Toskaljärven maanalainen joki, Enontekiö, Finland; Njiellalanjávri, Enontekiö, Finland; Láfolvárrit, Enontekiö, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Limestone, Morphology-Karst, Researching); Hiking; Climbing (Mountain)

Láfolvárri - one of highest mountains in Finland
Woohoo, climbed one of the highest mountains in Finland! But I shouldn't mention it was only 1000 meters and few meters over. And just 250 meters to climb to from where we were. Still, a nice view. And most importantly, the only place in the neighborhood where we could get connectivity to mobile networks! Yay social networks!
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August 2023, Láfolvárrit, Enontekiö, Finland
Climbing (Mountain)

Jasná Nízke Tatry - Chopok
Our second day of skiing in Slovakia was on Jasná Nízke Tatry, also called Chopok. Chopok is the name of the 2024 meter peak by the highest lift station, few meters lower at 2004 meters. I did climb to the peak as well, going up was easy but coming down was treacherous as it was quite icy. And speaking of ice ... I think either my skis were a bit off sharpness, or the slopes were extremely ice. Actually maybe both. It was difficult to control speed on the steep black runs from the top.
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January 2023, Jasná Nízke Tatry - Chopok ski area, Demänovská Dolina, Slovakia; Chopok, Horná Lehota, Slovakia
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Climbing (Mountain)

Mali Kozjak hike
Mali Kozjak is a mountain ridge in Split, Croatia. Near the airport, in fact. I had seen this on a previous trip, and it looked interesting... was there a hike? After perusing through the Wikilocs and Starves of the world, and some (maybe not enough) local advice, it seemed like there's a nice walk up via the Planinarski Dom Putalj mountain hut. I chose to hike up a bit further north so that I could descend to the hut. But boy did that generate some headache!
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June 2022, Planinarski Dom Putalj, Kaštel Sućurac, Croatia; Svrka Sv. Luka, Blaca, Croatia; Veli Vrj radar station, Vučevica, Croatia; Orlovo gnijezdo - Planinarsko sklonište, Kaštel Kambelovac, Croatia; Gojača Beach, Kaštel Sućurac, Croatia
Climbing (Mountain); Hiking; Urban-Exploration (Military, Buildings); Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach)

Massive crack cave at Korkberget
Korkberget is probably Finland's largest cave, with 300+ meters of tight tunnels underneath massive boulders. But, there's also a cliff... and if you climb half-way up the cliff, you will find an amazing crack that leads underground.
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August 2019, Korkbergetin halkeamaluola, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Caving (Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack, Basic); Climbing (Rock)

Swim at the Castel Gandolfo
On our last day of the Italian tour, Janne and I drove to Lago Albano, an old volcanic crater that is now filled with water. On the rim of the crater you can find Castel Gandolfo, one of most beautiful Italian towns, the Pope's summer cottage, and wonderful views.
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August 2018, Lago Albano, Castel Gandolfo, Italy
Swimming (Outdoor, Water, Waterbody-Lake, Beach); History; Climbing (Volcanoes)

Went to see the Vesuvius crater with Janne, quite interesting and of course the source of many sad fates in destroyed cities around. Overdue for eruption, too.
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July 2018, Vesuvius, Naples, Italy; Small cave at the Vesuvius, Naples, Italy
Climbing (Mountain); Caving (Rock, Rock-Volcanic, Morphology-Boulders, Basic)

Biking to Mont Royal
In my series of biking in the world's cities: Montreal. And visiting Mount Royal for the views and nice park experience. I particularly like the lake on the backside.
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July 2018, Mont Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Biking (Outdoor, Bike-City, Track-City, Track-Road, Track-Trail); Climbing (Volcanoes)

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