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Russian Ski Stars
I climbed a mountain, and found a ski movie actress from Russia on the top!
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January 2012, Courchevel, France
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Climbing (Mountain)

Good Choice to Avoid Iceland
I almost booked my IETF flights via Iceland so that I could test the summer skiing on that glacier. Good thing I didn't, because the volcano underneath started erupting yesterday. Close call!
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July 2011, Stromboli, Sicily, Italy
Climbing (Mountain)

Horseback Skiing in the Himalayas
No problem. I had never ridden a horse before, so practicing riding on steep, rocky paths at 3 to 4 kms while carrying ski gear and taking photos sounded like a fun thing to do.
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June 2011, Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Riding; Climbing (Mountain); Travel

Dog Finds Slovenia's Last Snow
Dogs that climb. Dragging skis to top of mountains on our backs. Skiing Slovenia's last traces of snow. Meeting with the guy who skied down from the seven summits.
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May 2011, Ceska Koca hut, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Climbing (Mountain)

The 48 hour challenge
How many states can you ski in during 48 hours? I'm about to find out...
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February 2011, Mt. Ashland, Oregon, USA; Mount Shasta, California, USA
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Climbing (Mountain)

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